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Why & how we choose HMI’s of Beiger Electronics, Sweden over other renowned brands for Osworld stability chambers
When we were choosing the perfect HMI (Human Machine Interface) for our application we realized that while there are many leading brands such as Siemens, Schneider, Fuji we were deliberating on which will be the most suitable in performance, integration and scalability.
The gut feeling within the team was to go with the high end models as the process demanded high efficiency and consistency. A highly difficult task considering the complexity of our application. After giving a good thought and doing a thorough evaluation we finally
decided and zeroed on the Beijer model.

I was against this decision and sternly voiced my opinion
Personally I have always liked Siemens and Schneider and at any point of time would prefer to work with these companies. Besides working with reputed brands also gives a boost to personal egos, technical people with 25+ years’ experience will agree with me. The
management decision surprised me and my other development team colleagues as well.
Choice of Beijer HMI came primarily because it has inbuilt 21 CFR Part 11 compliant features which was very important for our application. We also managed to get a competitive price which fitted our tight budget as there is constant pressure from the costing team to ensure end product price is low and affordable. After analysing product specifications and features and after due diligence of this Swedish company, Beijer Electronics, we found that it’s performance world over and also in India was commendable.

I was wrong
At the time of programing and testing the product, the hardware seemed firm and very stable. It didn’t take too much time to program as it integrated easily with not only the PLC but also with the SCADA software. Its response time was excellent and the data retention
capability was consistent and very encouraging for a development team which had lots up its sleeve. The task of ensuring compliance is never easy especially in the pharmaceutical industry where small errors could cause recall of products and huge losses.

Finally it turned out to be a sensible choice
The in-built functions, especially audit trail, alarm log and multi-level password protection were the features I admired the most. The value addition to Osworld stability chamber after incorporating Beijer HMI is enormous. Few HMI’s have the capability to work 24 x 7 for test cycles that continue for 365 days without interruption or rest. This was the challenge, and yes, it turned out to be a choice well done.

Osbert Dsouza
Osworld Scientific Equipments Pvt Ltd

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