Osworld Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of laboratory and scientific equipment. Founded in 1972, Osworld is globally recognized for the quality of its products, excellent customer service, and loyalty, which has created a network of satisfied clients across the globe. Despite growing competition and changing market trends, Osworld has succeeded in continuing to surpass customer expectations while maintaining our respected company values and ethics.


Through over four decades of experience, Osworld has continued to work under guidelines that adhere to national and international regulatory frameworks, such as ICH, FDA, ISO, WHO, GMP, NPL, and ERTL. Incorporation of these guidelines allows Osworld to function completely within the stringent compliance regulations of the 21 CFR Part 11 ruling. By drafting provisions for regulatory compliance, Osworld developed new data storage and acquisition software to work within FDA guidelines. Bureau Vertiashas awarded Osworld an ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, allowing our manufacturing facility to be designed to meet current technical benchmarks and hold equipment that allows future-proofing through upgradeability and expansion.

Our commitment to excellence in both the manufacturing process and customer care is highlighted by our company motto, EXPERIMENT WITH THE TRUTH. We embrace technological innovation to develop and offer cutting edge stability chambers and scientific equipment. At the same time, we always ensure compliance with regulations and value our relationship with customers.

Growth is important to Osworld, which is why we focus on expansion through new products based on technical innovation, attentive customer support, a dedication to quality, and strong regulatory adherence. Our growth and continued success is down to our valued staff and customers, who we thank for working with us.


At Osworld, we have set a benchmark for quality. We follow the ISO system rigidly and make newer technology available on a timely basis.


At Osworld, customer is King: Our service is prompt, and the results speak. The repeat orders we receive from customers is testimony to that fact.


At Osworld, we undergo strict audits conducted by the FDA and follow the mandatory data recording of equipment.