Stability Chamber Economy Super Saver Model


Stability Chamber Economy Super Saver Model

Product Highlights

  • Stainless steel—Jindal, India
  • Controller—Fuji, Japan
  • Temperature Sensor—IST, Switzerland
  • Humidity Sensor—Humirel, France
  • Door Gasket—GCF-Secure, UK
  • Door Handle/Hinges—Heyritz, Germany

Salient Features

  • Zero water drain/ Zero water loss
  • Humidity generated with water virtually at ambient temperature
  • Eco-friendly—negligent room heating
  • Heat load no greater than a domestic refrigerator
  • 0.7 litre water consumed in 24-hour cycle
  • Saves power—Electrical energy consumption
    of 0.6 unit per hour
  • No air-conditioning required to maintain room
  • Functions within a warm room atmosphere

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range—20.0°C to 60.0°C 
  • Temperature Accuracy—+ 0.5°C
  • Temperature Uniformity—±1°C
  • Humidity Range—55% to 80% RH 
  • Humidity Accuracy—+1%
  • Humidity Uniformity—±3% RH

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