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Osworld Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of laboratory and scientific equipment. Founded in 1972, Osworld is globally recognized for the quality of its products, excellent customer service, and loyalty, which has created a network of satisfied clients across the globe. Despite growing competition and changing market trends, Osworld has succeeded in continuing to surpass customer expectations while maintaining our respected company values and ethics.


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Through over four decades of experience, Osworld has continued to work under guidelines that adhere to national and international regulatory frameworks, such as ICH, FDA, ISO, WHO, GMP, NPL, and ERTL. Incorporation of these guidelines allows Osworld to function completely within the stringent compliance regulations of the 21 CFR Part 11 ruling. By drafting provisions for regulatory compliance, Osworld developed new data storage and acquisition software to work within FDA guidelines. Bureau Vertias has awarded Osworld an ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, allowing our manufacturing facility to be designed to meet current technical benchmarks and hold equipment that allows future-proofing through upgradeability and expansion. Our commitment to excellence in both the manufacturing process and customer care is highlighted by our company motto, EXPERIMENT WITH THE TRUTH. We embrace technological innovation to develop and offer cutting edge stability chambers and scientific equipment. At the same time, we always ensure compliance with regulations and value our relationship with customers. Growth is important to Osworld, which is why we focus on expansion through new products based on technical innovation, attentive customer support, a dedication to quality, and strong regulatory adherence. Our growth and continued success is down to our valued staff and customers, who we thank for working with us.

Our Quality Policy

  • Manufacture top quality laboratory equipment by strictly using all raw material especially electronic components of premium quality sourced from exclusive and branded company’s world over.
  • Be truthful in adhering to product technical standards by complying with all documented specifications and instrument calibration accuracy in totality thus fulfilling customer necessities from analysis point of view.
  • Commit to provide prompt, cost effective after sales service satisfying customer needs and enhancing customer loyalty.
  • Include staff in regular work training schedules for continually improving work efficiency and work environment also meeting timely product delivery.
  • Maintaining an effective quality management system stressing on continuous improvement.
Scientific equipments


At Osworld, we have set a benchmark for quality. We follow the ISO system rigidly and make newer technology available on a timely basis.

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At Osworld, customer is King: Our service is prompt, and the results speak. The repeat orders we receive is testimony to that fact.

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At Osworld, we undergo strict audits conducted by the FDA and follow the mandatory data recording of equipment.

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Our Global Presence

Osworld Global Presence

With a widespread supply network spanning 30 plus countries, Osworld is the go-to brand for Stability Chambers and Incubators from India. 

All Chambers comply with international standard that have successfully passed critical performance qualification test criteria of 36 probes mapping cycles with high quality Japanese and European data logging systems. 

At Osworld have installed Walk-In Chambers up to 100,000 litres overseas, have trained staff, executed protocols and periodically been a part of after sales service relying primarily on only communication at times.

A great number of electronic components used by us are sourced from an international basket, consequently 80 per cent of components used, are available, internationally. What’s more, all communication for international sales including installation and after-sales service is supervised by the Directors, Osbert D’Souza and Oswin D’Souza personally.


Some of the countries we serve: Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nigeria, Nepal

Why Osworld

Osworld only partners with the leading suppliers of parts to ensure our Osworld Stability Chamber products are the highest quality. When you purchase one of our products, you are getting a chamber that has been manufactured from parts sourced from leading providers from across the globe.

We are passionate about developing the best laboratory testing equipment. We love what we do and love to make quality products, which is why we partner with experienced vendors who are highly respected in their own right. Osworld’s collaborations with distinguished global brands mean we have access to the best electronic components and other technologies.


Our Global Vendor Partners

  • HMI Touch Screen: Beijer, Sweden
  • Controllers: Fuzi, Japan
  • Temperature sensor: IST, Switzerland
  • Humidity sensor: Humirel, France
  • Door gasket: GCF-Secure, UK
  • Door handle/hinges: Heyritz, Germany
  • Compressor: Emerson, India


Since we installed two units of Walk-in Stability Chamber and one unit of Photo Stability Chamber from Osworld Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Osworld, all have been functioning as per their assurance. In my opinion, Osworld products met with our expectation. We would like to thank Osworld for giving us good, quality products backed up with a good service team.
Dr. Wisut Wichitnithad,
R & D Manager, Pharma Nueva Co. Ltd. Bangkok
We purchased a Walk-in Stability Chamber (OWISC 8000 litres) in the year 2017, and we are now proposing to buy a Walk-in Stability Chamber. We are happy with the product and the after-sales service of Osworld Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd. (OSEPL).
Fernando Areozola
DSM-Sinochem, Mexico
This is to state that Simca Laboratories Pvt Ltd (A WHO GMP certified pharmaceutical Company, based in Kathmandu, Nepal) is using Stability Chambers from Osworld (800 litres and 1000 litres) since the year 2013. Though installed almost six years, we have not come across any major problems in the machine and both the chambers are working well till date. There is no doubt that the performance as well as after-sales service for Osworld product is as per the expectations of customers.
Sajala Joshi Shrestha
Plant Manager, Simca Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Nepal

Our technological advances that we believe will make a real difference.

We connect multiple chambers through Ethernet protocol which are wired through a hub in a LAN distribution arrangement. Chamber data of test cycles or process parameters is transmitted over a LAN from several chambers installed in various departments. The IP addresses of HMI in chambers help to identify the chamber on the PC and data is traced and logged on the PC software against the equipment reference.

Data log from multiple PC’s placed in various departments can be viewed on a centralized server PC through a browser web based application.

  • Can create multiple departments from where data will be pulled.
  • With option to create multiple users.
  • Map each user to individual or multiple departments to view data.
  • View data log, audit trail and alarm log reports.
  • Separate audit trail log.
  • Data archiving.

Why Osworld Stability Chambers are So Consistent and Effective

To understand why our chambers perform so well, you first have to understand the challenge of manufacturing a stability chamber. Many experiments last a few minutes or a few hours. So the equipment used in these experiments operates for limited hours and cycle lengths. If the equipment fails, you can easily repeat an operating cycle.
That’s not the case with stability study testing. With this activity, a drug substance must be stored for six months or a year, as per ICH guidelines. That means that the testing equipment must work perfectly for that length of time. Any breakdown during this period could mean re-testing.

Tracking Equipment Failures is Easy

Producing equipment that can do this is challenging. Also, new technology in data logging creates an un-editable record of inside chamber conditions for every set time interval. If a malfunction occurs with this equipment, FDA auditors can easily track when the failure happened through the audit trails and alarms stored in the equipment’s data records. Cover ups also are difficult. SCADA data acquisition software can’t be edited and the software has features that reveal any deviation. Additionally, MKT (mean kinetic temperature) values are calculated and displayed on the software. When equipment fails, it can affect MKT, which is a critical data result from an analysis point of view and recorded.

Making Every Component Count

In our efforts to minimize chamber breakdowns and ensure trouble free service, we realized early on that component failures at certain times and under certain conditions are unavoidable. But repeated failure of any component was unacceptable. So we began analysing part failures and investigating root causes. To our surprise, we found that some parts failed because the process was too demanding. In other words, these parts failed because their quality or the brand couldn’t meet our stringent needs. We then started identifying the brands that didn’t fail for each part. After many brainstorming sessions and doing our due diligence, we created a list of our stability chamber’s most critical components. We then decided that we would buy these parts only from the best manufacturers worldwide.

Buying Directly from Manufacturers Pays Off

We also realized that parts from top brands offer better quality at premium prices, as most engineers will tell you. The failure rate of these components, however, is much lower than the failure rates of parts from lesser known brands, which sell at lower prices. By dealing directly with these larger manufacturers, we can get premium parts at competitive prices. So we could buy high quality components, like HMIs, PLCs, sensors, gaskets, door handles, and hinges, and still keep the chamber’s price low and reasonable. So we started sourcing these parts directly from manufacturers in the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Then, big international brands like Beiger, Mitsubishi, and Siemens approached us with their HMIs, PLCs, and switchgears, raising our product standard and consistency of operation. Plus, we started buying temperature sensors directly from a highly respected Swiss manufacturer. That reduced the chances of getting second rate, cheap sensors. Finally, we began importing our door gaskets from a manufacturer in the UK. These gaskets made it convenient to fit and assemble the door, as it was of a push to fit design. These gaskets ensure that the doors provided on our stability chambers are leak proof operation and reduced energy loss.

The Onus is now on Customers

Thanks to the changes described above, we’ve now placed the onus for product failure squarely on the customer’s shoulders. Providing the right utilities—stabilized power, clean DM water (for steam generation), and ideal ambient conditions—are all it takes to generate trouble free service from an Osworld stability chamber. Plus, we’ve greatly reduced the nagging issue of filing a non-deviation report every time a chamber breaks down or sends an alarm. We can now claim with certainty that when provided with perfect, faultless utilities, Osworld stability chambers will never fail because of a manufacturing defect and will provide uninterrupted service 24/7/365.