pharma refrigerator

Bio Medical Refrigerator | Pharma Refrigerator | Cooling Incubator

Product Highlights

  • Stainless steel—Jindal, India 
  • Touchscreen Display (HMI)—Beiger, Sweden
  • Program Logic Control (PLC)—Mitsubishi, Japan
  • Temperature Sensor—IST, Switzerland
  • Door Gasket—Made in UK

Salient Features

  • LAN Connectivity
  • Ethernet Communication (No Data Loss)
  • SQL Non Editable Database
  • Compliant to 21CFR Part 11 Regulatory Framework
  • Efficient and Convenient Data Management Solution
  • Automatic Data Back-up
  • SMS Alert, MKT, Audit Trial, Alarm Log
  • Attractive HMI sporting a 7” color display
  • Password Protection, Audit Trail, Alarm Log in HMI at source
  • Fail Safe Standby Systems

Key Specifications

  • Temperature range: 2.0°C to 8.0°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Temperature uniformity: ± 1°C

This Bio Medical Refrigerator/ Pharma Refrigerator/ Cooling Incubator is crafted with the highest quality materials, sourced from the best producers. For example, this Pharma Refrigerator features stainless steel made by Jindal in India, a full touch screen display made by Beiger in Sweden, program logic control made by Mitsubishi in Japan and temperature sensors made by IST in Switzerland. In addition, the door gasket is made in the UK and the hinges/ handles are made in Germany. These features allow this Pharma Refrigerator to preform at the highest level, featuring a temperature range of 2.0 to 8.0. The temperature accuracy is ±1. The temperature uniformity is ±1.


The construction of this Pharma Refrigerator features double wall polyurethane insulation, a working chamber constructed of stainless steel mirror finish 304 grade and outer cabinet constructed of stainless steel matte finish 304 grade. This unit features tamper proof, non-editable trial and can be programmed with accurate date and time. When a PC is connected, data can be easily downloaded with precision, marking exact periods. The cooling feature is R134A eco-friendly refrigerant, with motor, condenser and relay complete unit. The heating feature is U Nichrome wire heating with SS sheathing. The air circulation features a flange motor with an impeller. The chamber is illuminated with fluorescent light. The trays are constructed of SS wire mesh.


The preeminent features of this refrigerator are LAN connectivity, SQL non-editable database, no data loss, convenient and efficient data management, 21CFR Part 11 compliant, auto data backup, MKT, SMS, alarm log, audit trial, 7 inch color display, password protection and fail safe standby. This Pharma Refrigerator produced by Osworld Scientific Equipment is a vertical, front opening, plug to start and assembled unit. The stability study complies with all ICH guidelines as well as USFDA regulations and requirements. The calibration features ERTL certification.


Some of the countries we serve: Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nigeria, Nepal

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