Calibration – The Hidden Devil!

The contents here are to help in understanding the concept of calibration and the guidelines
that are associated with it. The intent is also to share the most appropriate activities that
ensure the quality of measurement; to the reader it can help as a framework to navigate
their own calibration activity. Coincidentally calibration has been a field with which I began
my career. Of course technology and guidelines have changed drastically since I first started.
Although it is an essential action it does not get deserved recognition.
The information is based on the internal calibration SOP Osworld follows for its Stability
chambers and Incubator calibration. The method is based on legislation and regulations that
govern calibration needs and we have also ensured that it meets customer expectation.

Beijer Electronics connects people and technologies.

Why & how we choose HMI’s of Beiger Electronics, Sweden over other renowned brands for Osworld stability chambers
When we were choosing the perfect HMI (Human Machine Interface) for our application we realized that while there are many leading brands such as Siemens, Schneider, Fuji we were deliberating on which will be the most suitable in performance, integration and scalability.
The gut feeling within the team was to go with the high end models as the process demanded high efficiency and consistency. A highly difficult task considering the complexity of our application. After giving a good thought and doing a thorough evaluation we finally
decided and zeroed on the Beijer model.

Stability Testing Boosts Drug Quality, Safety, and Efficacy

Drug discovery is slow, inefficient, and risky. It’s also costly—very costly. The median cost of developing a cancer drug, for example, is about (US)$680 million. Worldwide, the cost of developing a single drug exceeds (US)$2.5 billion.

When pharmaceutical companies invest millions in drug discovery, one thing’s certain: They want their products to retain quality, efficacy, and safety once they enter the marketplace. Stability testing ensures that a drug does so by determining both the shelf-life and the quality of a drug.